Gamecube Emulator for Android

Look for the best Gamecube Emulator for Android device? It is a must to download a reliable Gamecube emulator if you would like to play any Gamecube game on an Android phone, tablet, or any other Android device. There are not much of Gamecube emulators available in the market for Android. Some of them are quite good to be used while some are not trustworthy. It would be a waste of time if you download the wrong app to your Android and try to play a Gamecube game. The most hateful thing is the game lags when playing. Lagging in games often related to the emulator you downloaded. Therefore, only the best Gamecube emulator for Android would be recommended here, which is Dolphin.

Dolphin or Dolphin Emulator Alpha was founded by Ryan Houdek. It is an open-source Android app that allows you to play any game on your Android device in full HD mode (1080p). All you need to do is download Dolphin once, and then you can play any Nintendo Gamecube games, Triforce games, or Wii games as long as you have the ROM. Dolphin supports Android 2.2 or higher version. It saves game in every moment and supports all gamepads. The minimum requirement for an Android device is 833 Mhz CPU and a minimum of 60MB available storage space. Other than Android devices, Dolphin also works successfully on Windows OS, Linux, and Mac OS. As of today, this app has been downloaded a few thousand times by users from around the world. If you are looking for a way to setup Dolphin on your Android device, here are a few delicious steps that are very useful.

Gamecube Emulator for Android
Dolphin – An awesome Gamecube emulator for Android

How to Setup Dolphin on Android

1. First of everything, download the latest version of Dolphin from its official website here. The latest version is Dolphin 4.0.1. New versions are updated from time to time so make sure you download the newest that work for your OS (either Windows or Mac).

2. Connect your Android device to your computer or PC using USB connection and transfer Dolphin file to your Android device. Now disconnect your device and open up the file using any file manager program. ES File Explorer is highly recommended.

3. Run the program, select ROM you downloaded to play it on your device. Alternatively, you can go to Android App Store and search for Dolphin Emulator. Click on the install button and the app will be installed to your device shortly.

Biggest complain about this app: Slow.

Other Gamecube Emulator for Android except Dolphin: Dolwin, WhineCube, GCEmu, Super Smash Flash, and Wii Emulator. For those who also own an iOS devices such as the iPhone 6, iPad, or iPod Touch, you might want to see the Gamecube Emulator for iOS.


  1. axel

    | Reply

    How to download game cube without dolphin emulator

  2. Sam

    | Reply

    How do you download the roms? I have tried to download roms off of coolroms, and it does not install correctly. Also when you get it to download, how do you transfer it to the dolphin app? It also does not work, and iv looked up videos on how to do it and non of them are working. I would like it if you can email me how, thank you.

  3. Colby Vasile

    | Reply

    I downloaded it to my phone from google play as an app and the internet one but my downloads won’t show up or load

    • Belal Zaman

      | Reply

      I’m having the same issue….

  4. logan

    | Reply

    Download 7zipper 2.0 to decompress your ROMS in order to be able to play them.

  5. Denis

    | Reply

    I have installed the Android Emulator but when I went to viber Android wsteibe to download it it does not download please advice me what I have to do to be able to download viber android on my pc and complete the installation? thanks

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