Best Gamecube Controller

What is the best Gamecube controller? There are more than ten different types of Gamecube controller available in the market today but you are obviously going to buy just one. It will be a waste if you bought one and then realized that is not the best one. But, the difficulty is, how do you know which controller is the best for you? Well, this is why we need a good research and we need to read an honest review on every single controller available in the market now. Here we have the updated comparison of the top 5 best Gamecube controllers. Some of the reviews are collected from Amazon and eBay buyers who are currently using them.

Nintendo GameCube

Nintendo Gamecube controller
Perhaps the Nintendo GameCube is the most common controller among gamers. There are two types of Nintendo GameCube. The extraordinary shape of the controller may not receive many LIKE from customers but you will definitely appreciate the functionality of the controller. When you pick it up, it feels like the controller was molded for your hands. The thumbstick, sunken D-pad, and the directional guides are a perfect combination. Other than functionality, it comes in various colors. With all these features, it is good enough to play any kind of Gamecube games including any third-party game. That is what makes it the official controller for Nintendo Gamcube. Without doubt, we should regard this as the best Gamcube controller of all time.

NES/Famicom controllers

NES controller
“Life is really simple, and there is no reason that you have to make it complicated.” – Howsen. This quote explains why the NES/Famicom controllers are highly recommended to be used. It is simple but effective to be used. The shape and the design are just perfect for any type of hands. With a select button, start button, A, and B button, what else do you really need to pass through all the game level? The NES controller is so popular and it is now available in USB type where you can hook it up and play games on a PC.

Nintendo 64

Nintendo 64
If the budget is a concern, what about the reasonable priced Nintendo 64 controller? This space-ship look-alike controller provides a good grips but many complains about the thumbstick is too fragile. It may not be the best Gamcube controller but it is yet another option to go for.

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Mad Catz Cubicon

Mad Catz Cubicon controller 
The Mad Catz Cubicon is a third-party GCN controller designed with big handles on both sides. The handles are added with rubber for better grips. The D-pad is great because it is smaller than Nintendo’s. In addition to that, there is an extra trigger above the left shoulder button. Overall, this controller looks cute and it is more for kids. Although the Mad Catz Cubicon looks very cyber with an attractive price tag of $19.99, the quality is a concern. Buttons and thumbstick may look cheap for some people.

Wii Remote

Wii Remote controller
The Wii Remote is definitely too high tech for most of the games in the 1980s and 1990s because you can’t stand in front of your TV and play table tennis. In the recent years, the Wii Remote is a must for a lot of sports related games because you tends to wave a lot while playing games.

Other than the top 5 best Gamcube controller mentioned above, there are also some other controllers worth to take a look. They are Wii U, Super Nintendo, WaveBird Wireless Controller, and Gamestop controllers.

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